Located in the Highland Park neighborhood of St. Paul, Quixotic Coffee delivers high quality hand-crafted beverages, made with local ingredients, and local character.


Quixotic (adj., \kwik-'sa-tik\) has a variety of definitions, one of them is used to describe a thought or idea as being "romantically idealistic".  John Cleveland proclaimed "The Quixotes of this age fight with the wind-mills of their own heads".  Okay cool, so what?

Cleveland is referring to how most of the fear we experience in our day-to-day lives is all in our own heads! And....completely unfounded, similar to when Don Quixote thought he was going to battle against surprisingly large giants, when really his enemies were just free standing wind-mills.

Long story short, at Quixotic we try our hardest to serve up an experience that makes you forget about the giants in your life - even if it's just for a few minutes or a couple hours.

And we couldn't do what we do without our amazing and award winning vendors - primarily, Bootstrap Coffee Roasters, Castle Rock Farms, Patisserie 46, Ferndale Farm, Pastures A PlentySift Gluten FreeRishi Tea, Blackeye Roasting Company and Sally's Simple Syrups.



(651) 699-5448



769 Cleveland Ave S
St Paul, MN 55116


Hours (WINTER)

M-TH 6:30a–8p

FRI-SAT 6:30a–7p

SUN 7-6

Hours (NORMAL)

M-SAT 6:30a–9p

SUN 7-7